Personalised Wedding Ceremony 

Are you planning your wedding and not sure what are the options to get married in Ireland? Do you have to get married in a catholic church? 
If that is not for you, is the only other option a civil marriage ceremony in the registry office with just your names and a paper to sign? 
You can have your own personalised ceremony, in a venue of your choice, durring the week or weekend and this can include the legal part too! Yes!
I can help you with all that and make it as easy as possible! I would love to hear from you and discuss your requirements. Get in touch here

Gift for the Bride-to-be who loves trying new things

€ 65
  • This is 1 Stress Release session 
  • She will reduce her Stress and Anxiety
  • She will feel calm
  • She will see her situation more clearly
  • Enjoy therapy class from the comfort of your own home.

Gift for the Bride-to-be who wants to get her grove back

€ 190

  • This is a pack of 3 Stress Release sessions
  • She is Commitment to change
  • She will receive Accountability
  • She will feel happier in her self
  • She will feel empowered
  • She will learn a new technique for her self care toolbox

Gift for the Bride-to-be who is ready for lasting change

€ 300

  • This is a pack of 5 Stress Release sessions
  • She will be supported to release limiting beliefs that were stopping her before
  • She will Create a Foundation of Self Love
  • She will release any tension in her body
  • She will feel supported and will create lasting self empowerment

How to release all that wedding planning stress?

I offer a safe space to release anxiety and stress using Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) Find out more

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