1 thing you can do in times of uncertainty

Pandemic, job, relationship or finances, uncertainty in any area of our lives is not pleasant.

We are programed for safety. We created rules of the road when driving and walking. Strap our precious children in the best car seats. Wear luminous jackets and helmets when cycling. We install sophisticate security systems in our homes. Password protect every inch of our lives.

Change is scary. So, we do our best to avoid it. And most of all we like to CONTROL every situation and decision in our (and other people’s live) life. Or is it just me?

But what to do when we don’t have control over external elements and there is uncertainty around us?

When we take care of our physical health by drinking water, eating healthy foods, exercising and sleeping, we feel the positive results. Taking care of our mental health is also important too.

Creating a daily ritual provides a certainty, comfort and safety that we are missing right now. If you are unsure what that ritual might be for you I encourage you first to take few deep breaths and just ask yourself that question. Can I take 5-10 min in the morning to do just one thing for myself? If no, why? If yes, what would I like to do? There is no right or wrong answer! Simply a compassionate enquiry. Exploration. Write down what comes up and question your beliefs. Where did I learn or hear these beliefs?

Here are some ideas if you would like to try one of them:

·       Mirror work – looking myself in the eyes in the bathroom mirror and saying “Good morning Boyana, I love you” I learn that from Shauna Shapiro. This is my personal favorite

·       Mirror work – giving yourself a High Five in the bathroom mirror is also very powerful. I learned that from Mel Robins.

·       Gentle face massage with essential oils. Touch is so soothing and calming. Just 1-2 minutes and you will be on cloud 9.

·       Giving yourself a hug. Again the power of touch. We have really missed out on feeling the benefits of physical touch and this ritual really helps with that.

·       Tapping – just one short round of tapping on your body, or even just one point, whichever is your favorite point and acknowledging what is on your mind will give you tremendous start of your day. Centered and grounded.

·       Drinking a glass of water or tea/coffee listening to nature. Nature gives us the certainty that we are missing and the strength that we are strong and we are gentle.

I hope you find a ritual that suits you and practice it to give you certainty and comfort in any situation.

And one last note: Yes, the consistency of doing that ritual every day will be the key to seeing results, but if you have to miss a day or two, don’t get discourage or think that you have failed. Just check the reasons why you missed a day or two or a week, and change if you need to, but continue to take time for yourself every day!

Best wishes,