Certainty in uncertain times, where do you find it?

Certainty in uncertain times, where do you find it? We are creatures of comfort and want certainty, but even at the best of times that’s not guaranteed. Uncertainty really troughs us off. So how are you supposed to plan a wedding in 2022. How do you know when is safe to gather, when will restrictions allow for celebration with larger numbers in a location of your choice? So many questions that no one knows the answers. What we know is right now, right here. We can learn from nature and we can receive comfort from nature. Celebrating what you have right now, being engaged and soaking up that instead of rushing to the next phase and focusing on the challenges. Nature helps me, I hope you find soothing and comfort too. We are strong creatures. We are resilient. We are adaptable.
You can be certain that an  booking deposit placed with me is securing your wedding date in my calendar. That date is reserved for you only!

*The booking deposit guarantees you that your wedding ceremony is in safe hands.
*You will feel heard and understood.
*You will have my support for suggestions on poems, readings, rituals and music.
*You have unlimited contact with me to clarify any details and changes.
*You will have flexibility to arrange ceremony preparation meeting a time that suits you.

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