Engaged, but feeling overwhelmed...where do you even start?

Hello Dear Friend,

How are you doing? I hope you are well and healthy.

That is some start of the year?!?

Anytime you feel you are just about managing the 15 spinning plates…here is another “Close contact” text message. But the “Close contact” rules have changed 15 million times already, so you don’t even know if you should be doing an atigen test on the dog, cat and the pet fish…just in case.

Yet all life is going ahead and we are suppose to continue with work, school, clubs, and everything else in full schedule…

For as long as I don’t read the news, or go near the Watsapp messages, life is good!

When I pick up the phone, I feel I am jumping on that treadmill at full speed!

Does that resonate with you? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the “Quick guide” for latest Corona guidelines that is 16 pages? By the time I read it, it is out of date!

So where do you even start with all the messages for self care and taking time for yourself???

It is all a bit too much for me…and I leave it get to me so far, that I don’t even know where to start with “relaxing".

Tapping is my first tool, but many times I feel like a just want to sleep instead!

So, if you are the same, my advice is to start with a deep breath.

A deep breath, are you kidding me?!? I need to work from home with kids running around, done the home school and be on zoom calls for work at the same time. Give them lunch and 200 snacks while typing up emails at the same time.

A DEEP BREATH will fix that?

A deep breath will give you a moment to pause. It will give you much needed oxygen. 

When we are stressed out, we are operating from fight or flight mode.

Pausing for a deep breath will give the message to the nervous system that the "treat" is gone and it is safe to be calm.

From a calm place you will be able to see solutions for your situation much clear and that will fix the overwhelmed.

So deep breath will help you to acknowledge your personal situation and allow yourself to accept that what is expected of us, right now, it is not normal.

Giving yourself a bigggggg warm hug and telling yourself that you woke up this morning, you got out of bed or maybe you didn’t, and that is ok! Give yourself some LOVE for all that you have endured and still being here.

If our starting point is self criticism, we are working extra hard to reach a neutral base line, never mind, feeling good, that’s just too much work for one day!

But if we start from a place of calm…things are a little bit easier.

Yes, today might not be the day that you drink green juice, go for a run and not shout at the kids, but from a place of LOVE you recognise that you are doing your best in the situation around you.

From a place of calm you are able to recognise what in your situation is overwhelming and assess how to change.

From a place of calm you can see if you need help and allow yourself to ask for help!

If you would like to release the overwhelmin feeling and welcome calm I have this video to help you

If you are interested in Tapping and would like to book an individual session with me, you can do so here.