I can't meditate

You have tried meditation many different ways, many different times, but JUST CAN’T MEDITATE.

First of all: Well done for putting in the effort and trying what is all that meditation fuss all about!

I find meditation difficult, because it is hard to sit still and my mind wonders, all the time!

I am suppose to be doing, working, making, earning, communicating, posting on social media, training for a marathon, every minute of my da. How can I justify sitting still for 15 min focusing on my breath?

Then they are telling us that Meditating for 15 min twice a day will help my physical health and mental health, my productivity, my relationship and extend my life expectancy?

So, you know where this is going? Sure, I don’t shut up about tapping, so guess what, tapping can provide the same benefits as meditation.

In a recent study by Dr. Peta Stapleton of Bond University in Australia did Tapping sessions in groups – and she achieved a 

43% reduction in cortisol in 1 hour of Tapping.

So, tapping gives your hands something to do and your mind focused on saying something, so it eliminates that feeling of “I can’t sit still”.

Do you want to try tapping for just 15 min to see how it can help your meditation practice?
Link to IGTV of recording of Tapping Meditation

Good news: You don’t have to go anywhere, you can try it from the comfort of your home office or kitchen table.

Tapping calms the nervous system, the same way acupuncture helps. It works with the meridian points in your body.

As you feel calmer, you are able to see your situation with a perspective and solutions.

Do you want to try it?

Watch Tapping Meditation

Do you have a particular way that helps you relax?

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