Is asking for help such a bad thing?

Today I wanted to share about my experience with Asking for help and I hope it resonates with anyone that needs to hear this. 

I really had to face my belief that Asking for help is a weakness when my first child was born and I though I can totally do everything and pretend I am managing and I can’t possible show any sign of failure. Oh, did I mention I am very stubborn. So, I only came to realisation that I need help when I was on the floor and couldn’t do anything. So the biggest barrier for me was my ego.

Is asking for help such a bad thing? 

Why do we judge ourselves, yet we always say to children and friends that if they ever need help to just ask!

Oh, and did I mention that I expected other people to know I need help and just do the thing without me having to ask!

So, after the initial chat with my ego that I can no longer hide that I can not manage everything on my own I spoke to my husband and started regularly meeting with a therapist. This helped me release the limiting belief and empowered me to see the strength in asking for help!

How a big load of your shoulders is released when you no longer have to lie that you have it all figured out!

How Freeing is to speak the truth.

How wonderful it feels to for someone to look after you.

How powerful an example that is for your children to see YOU asking for help.

What areas in your life do you think you can use some help? What is standing on your way of asking for help?

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Image is from one of my most favorite books that I only discovered last year “The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse” by Charlie Machesy