Nerves starting to get the better of you before your wedding? This will help:

(with a heart full of love and a relaxed walk you are walking down the aisle)

You have arrived! It is your wedding day!

It is completely normal to be stressed and nervous about your wedding day. It is a very important day shared with the love of your life and family and friends. We can’t help but attach our happiness to the happiness of our guest. Worry if every element of the day will go as planned and imagined.

But all that worrying doesn’t leave much time for ENJOYING!

How can you release the stress and bring calm?

Here are my 3 tips:

1.     Physical exercise to release stress in the body. This can be done regularly coming up to the wedding day and on the morning of your wedding too! Choose your favourite: dancing to your best party tune; brisk walk or a run; yoga; cycling; etc

2.     Mindfulness Breathing and taking a break – when we are stressed and nervous we breathe very short, shallow breaths, our body becomes short of oxygen and further panics. Catching yourself and taking as little as 1 min to take 4-5 deep belly Breaths, filling up the lungs with oxygen will calm your nervous system down. Also you are focusing on your breath so it takes your mind off the worrying. Take 1 or 2 or 5 min, here and there, to just be still and check how are you feeling, remind yourself what is important to you, tell yourself, or even better write down 3 things you are grateful for.

3.     Tapping – it is scientifically proven than tapping on meridian point on the body reduces stress and anxiety. The simplest way is to gently tap with a flat palm (either right or left hand) on your chest. Gently tapping sends a calming signal to your nervous system. You can tap for 2-3 min and acknowledge how you are felling, or simply notice what comes up for you. This technique is also known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I am qualified Tapping EFT Practitioner and can assist you with any questions or facilitate a session that will help you release stress and anxiety.

I hope these tips help you. I know everyone is full of advice the minute you announce you are getting married (or even before asking you every 5 min when are you getting married).

A lot of times we don’t need any advice, we just need to be hear and acknowledged and understood. If that is the case speak to someone you trust or professional who will just listen!

To book a Stress release appointment with me click the calendar here to find a time that suits you best.