On holidays, but still feeling overwhelmed? 5 things that will bring calm:

You finally get a chance to get away and yet feeling of overwhelmed followed you?

It has been a year and half of a very strange, scary life experience.

Fear has permanently settled in. Chronic anxiety about the future. And constant feeling of overwhelmed.

Maybe your life didn’t change so dramatically, but the overall energy in the planet is overwhelmed, so we naturally sympathies and pick up that feeling.

So, now, you have finally feel a bit safer and have made plans to take time of and relax. Forget about all of it! Leave all the stress and worries behind and enjoy a well deserved break.

But, why is it so hard to switch off? Why do you still feel overwhelmed and can you do something about it?

Our family got a chance to take few days off and go to the west coast of Ireland. No stress of the city, beautiful nature, sea was 5 min from the house. Couldn’t be more relaxing!

But, I had couple of days where I felt very anxious and overwhelmed!

I used few tools to help me and I wanted to share if anyone else might find them useful.

Regardless of how hard we try to run away, the voice in our heads follow us everywhere we go. So, if you feel ready for it, I would suggest:

  1. Take a pen and paper and write down what is coming up for you. No judgement of good or bad. No rules of “What am I suppose to write”. All is welcome on the paper.

  2. Go for a slow, silent walk, in nature. It doesn’t mean you have to go alone, you can go with someone, but without the distraction of a conversation and the fast speed, we give ourselves a chance to notice nature and hear the inner voice and find out what is bothering us.

  3. Water has amazing healing power. If you can go for a swim in the sea, DO. If you can have a cold shower, DO. If you can drink 8 glasses of water a day, DO.

  4. Listen to music. The vibration of the musical notes have wonderful healing effect. Pick a tune and even if it makes you cry, you are releasing build up emotions.

  5. When the mind is spinning if it impossible to analyze ourselves out of that. So, doing something physical can help the mental cycle. Tapping on meridian point on the body has the physical element with immediate effect on our emotional state. Here is Free 5 min tapping sequence you can try right now! Youtube


I will also add one more, Talking to a trusted professional. Feeling heard and understood can only help! Most sessions are now done on the phone, Zoom or other online platforms so you can chat to someone while you are away.

Tapping helped me to recognize the chronic stress and exhaustion I had considered normal.

I hope these ideas above resonate with you and you are able to release overwhelmed and enjoy your time off.

If you have any questions, just reply to this email and I will be happy to connect with you.

If you want to check the recordings of Live sessions I did the last couple of months with many different topics, they are on IGTV.

You can book an individual tapping session with me from the comfort of your holiday destination.

You can share this blog with someone that you think might like this. Show them you are thinking of them!

Best wishes,