What is a Celebrant and a Solemniser?

This is a very common question, and I didn't know what they did or the difference between them before I started learning.

So here is some clarity:

Do you want to get married in a Church?
Check if the priest or priestess are registered to officially marry couples in Ireland.

Do you want to get married in a Hotel?
Check that the hotel is registered with the HSE to allow them to hold legal wedding ceremonies. A Solemniser can officiate your marriage in a Hotel.

Do you want to get married on a beach or a field?
The main requirements being that the Solemnisation takes place at an identifiable address which is open to the general public. If your ceremonies has no legal component, then it can take place pretty much anywhere, (as long as we have permission from the owner!). Both a Celebrant or a Solemniser can facilitate a ceremony with no legal component.

Maybe you got married already in the registry office and now you want to have a celebration?
Both Celebrant and Solemniser can facilitate a ceremony where there is no legal marriage requirement.

Wedding Solemniser is a person licensed to conduct a legal wedding in Ireland. The person can be General Register from the Register office or HSE registered Solemniser.
A Solemniser can be a Celebrant, so they can facilitate a wedding celebration with no legal component.
Both Solemniser and Celebrants decide their own hours of work, so can work with you and facilitate a celebration outside of office hours and on the weekends.

I am Solemniser and a Celebrant. I represent Entheos society. It is a non-denominational society. Our ceremonies are often referred to as humanist in style. We do not reference any particular God or belief system unless specifically requested to do so. I have no agenda with regard to your ceremony, it can be as spiritual, secular, agnostic or atheist as you choose, using whatever language, music and readings you would like. I also have no requirement to speak about any parent organisation during your ceremony. Entheos Ireland is founded on the core principals of equality, diversity, inclusion and choice, so no couple would ever be refused on the grounds of any diversity of gender, sexual orientation, colour, nationality, ability, culture, family status or any other reason- within the bounds of Irish law.

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