What is the next step

Do you have a minute to pause?

Ask yourself WHY* you do what you do? Now, one step further, WHY? Now dig deeper, really, WHY? Write down what comes up for you.

Now, think of the positive and list out what you have achieved in the last few months.

Next, take stock of what you didn’t achieve. No need to run and hide. All the lessons are in the things you “failed”


I started my business 6 months ago and took time yesterday to do the above.

I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for a while and when I found great help in tapping I couldn’t wait to tell other people who are looking for help.

I am absolutely amazed of human beings and love hearing personal stories.

I love helping people to feel safe, acknowledged and understood.

I love being part of a community**.

Starting my own business could help me create a “job” that I love. Working hours that suit me and my family.

So, I pressed “Launch” in March 2021.

And here I am 6 months later! (I know for all the seasoned business owners, you must be laughing)

There were 2 voices in my head in these 6 months (please tell me you have voices in your head too)

The encouraging voice congratulating me on taking a step towards what I love, cheering me on every time I proudly spoke about my business and congratulating me when a new customer signed up for my services (THANK YOU to all you beautiful humans) This voice is easy to listen to, but doesn’t get much air time.

The critical voice has being pretty VOCAL. “Are you mad?” “You are starting what? Doing what?” “How do you plan to achieve your financial goals when you have had no bookings this week?” “Would you just get a secure job and do this in your spare time?”

The critical voice is loud and what I have come to understand is that, it is just trying to keep me safe. Our brains perceive any change as danger and kick in to save us.

With the help of tapping I have seen the reasons of the stuff the negative voice will say. This voice is part of me, and it is trying to keep me safe.

So I made friends with it. I acknowledged it, I honored it’s intentions, I assured it that this is safe.

And this is a daily, sometimes hourly practice.

I am so grateful to be able to create a life that I love and work with people every day.

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