When one person is stressed the whole family is stressed

Do you know someone who is waiting on leaving cert exam results this week?

Do you remember your emotions around that time?

It is such a pivotal time in everyone’s life, yet, when we look back with the the gift of getting old and wise, we see it differently.
The leaving cert, as all exams, has a very important role, but it is not a measurement of how your life will plan out.

When we are asked what we want from life for us and for our children most people answer “I just want to be happy”, but the Leaving Cert exam doesn’t prepare you or measure your level of happiness. Exams don’t measure your strong family connection, your trustworthy traits, the consistency with which you show up for sports training, and how much you support your friends. I think that these factors will contribute to you having a happy life much more.

I really just want to say that the emphasis on high points puts a huge unnecessary stress on so many young people.

I think we can all be a little bit kinder to ourselves this week and support each other.

I would like to offer you my gift of relaxation in the form of a video to help release stress and anxiety about the Leaving Cert results.

Clinical Research shows Tapping achieved a 43% reduction in cortisol in 1 hour of EFT

If we take care of our physical health by drinking water, eating healthy foods, exercising and sleeping, we feel the positive results. Taking care of our mental health is also important too.

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Best wishes


Founder of Expanding with Boyana