Lacking Motivation?

Join me on Thursday 30th of Sep for a 45 min workshop to find: 
  • Why you are not taking action on the things you said you will?
  • Reduce stress and overwhelmed
  • Support you with techniques for long lasting MOTIVATION.
Workshop will be on Zoom platform
Starts at 19:30 Irish time
If you miss the live, you can watch the recording only if you have signed up.

Motivation Workshop sign up

Join me for current events

My latest offering to help you live your best life. This life is all we have. This is it. How do you want to live it? If it is not how you would like it to be, YOU CAN CHANGE IT! How? Join me in these events to explore what the answer is for you. It is fun, and there might be tears, and that is the great release!
When: WED 15th, 22nd, 29th of Sep
What time: 12 noon Irish Time
What: Guided Tapping Meditation 
Where: Live on Instagram and Facebook

When: THU 30th of Sep
What: Workshop: Help: Where do I find Motivation

When: THU 7th of Oct
What: Launch of Season 2 of Expanding with Boyana podcast: How do Other people cope with life.
Where: Your favorite podcast platform: Spotify, Apple, Google, Anchor, 

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